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Santa Venetia Swimming Pool Solar Heating and Repair

With the micro climates that we have in Santa Venetia many pools need to have a source of heat. With the cost of natural resources going up the most cost effective way to keep a pool warm in Santa Venetia is to use Solar heating. Not only is it cost effective it helps to reduce the environmental foot print we are leaving, something all in Santa Venetia are concerned with.

Why is it effective?

You no longer have to pay for gas or electricity to heat water in the pool you are using the sun, and equipment that you already have for your pool like the pump. You just let the pump run for the normal time that it does to filter the water in you pool and it circulates the water at the same time up to the solar panel and heats the water. The pool itself acts as the thermal storage for the system. After the install of the system you are getting the heating at little or no extra cost. If you don't have a Solar heating system for your pool we at Marin Pool Service can help you with picking the best system for your needs our years of experience with solar and knowledge of Santa Venetia make us the best choice.

How to maintain the solar system in Santa Venetia?

Even though the climate is moderate there can still be some days during the winter that we can have freezing weather. If water is still in the solar panels they can freeze and break the small tubes that heat the water. At the end of each Swim season you need to drain the Solar system. In the spring or start of the swim season the solar panels should be flushed and checked for damage before tying them back into the circulation system of your pool. At Marin Pool Service we specialize in Winterizing your solar heater and starting it up in the spring please give us a call so we can put our experience to work for you.

Can My Solar system Be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

That depends on the damage to the system and the age of the panels. Solar heating for pools uses a simple unglazed plastic collector. These can break down over the years and may need to be replaced. If the panel is still in good shape over all many holes can be repaired saving the cost of a new install. We at Marin Pool Service can help you determine what is the best choice of repair for you and solar system.