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Pool Service Terra Linda - Pool & Hot Tub Service

Nothing compliments a warm summer day like a backyard swimming pool in Terra Linda. Increased enjoyment however, also means increased responsibility and maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance is not an option but a necessity. Neglecting your swimming pool can make your pool unsafe and unappealing for swimming and in the long run be more costly.

List of Services We Offer In Terra Linda

Weekly Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Testing Pool Water

Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

Salt Water Pool Service

Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Hot Tub Service

Here is a List of Reasons to Hire a Pool Service in Terra Linda:

The average pool owner and the technicians at Marin Pool Service have vastly different amounts of training in pool care and maintenance. Pools in Terra Linda are all different and the staff at Marin Pool Service are available to answer questions about your particular pool's needs. We are trained in Personalized Pool Service to address any questions or problems associated with your pool.

The technicians at Marin Pool Service in Terra Linda are experts at keeping your pools and spa clean and healthy. Pool water chemistry can become unbalanced rather quickly and our technicians have the knowledge and training to make sure your pool's water chemistry stays in balance. We can monitor and maintain your pool water as well as replace the various parts in your pool's system. These include filters, heaters, and salt cells. These parts are very expensive and our technicians will make the best choices for your pool's needs.

Taking care of your pool on your own means storing chemicals and making sure they are still effective. Once these chemicals reach their shelf life, they are much less effective and can lead to an imbalance in your pool's water chemistry. By having to replace the pool chemicals, you spend more money and time than necessary. With Marin Pool Service pool maintenance, you will save money and time by letting us deal with the necessary chemicals without having to store them at your home.

We'll also keep your pool clean and looking great. Marin Pool Service technicians vacuum your pool to remove any dirt and debris, brush your tile to keep it looking like new, and take care of your pool sweep so your pool stays looking clean between visits.

If repairs or replacement parts are needed, our qualified technicians will let you know and address the problem. Marin Pool Service technicians will deliver and install any part or parts which need to be replaced, and we can repair any problems with your Terra Linda pool.

Don't waste time and money making multiple trips to the pool supply store. Once you get there the store staff may not know about your particular pool, and you end up making multiple trips. Let the experts at Marin Pool Service address your pool's particular needs. We can save you time, money, and hassle by taking care of your pool supply needs for you.

You may think hiring a professional pool service is expensive, but in the long run we can save you money as opposed to doing it all yourself. The relief of letting Marin Pool Services in Terra Linda take over your pool maintenance and care removes the hassle and worry of trying to keep up with it on your own. That is worth more than the money you will save by letting us do the work for you.

The Terra Linda Marin Pool Service stands behind their work and guarantees you will be completely satisfied.

Weekly Pool Service Terra Linda

At Marin Pool Service we do so much more than just "pool cleaning". We put together a personalized Weekly Pool Service plan to help keep your pool looking great and be safe for your family. Not only will we check the water and remove debris, but we will also do preventative maintenance, perform inspections, and change out components as needed. We will also communicate to you via email, snail mail, or by phone to keep you updated on your pool's condition and potential needs.

Terra Linda Pool Cleaning

You probably don't leave all the work that goes into cleaning your pool, and many times this chore gets put on the bottom of your to-do list. But by not taking proper care of your pool, you invite the growth of bacteria and algae which can be harmful to your family's health. This can also make your pool unsightly since algae turns the water murky, and bacteria and other bugs can make your pool smell. Don't let your Terra Linda pool get to this point. Marin Pool Service will take care of the cleaning and sanitizing of your pool for you. Our highly trained technicians can keep your pool's pH and alkalinity at the proper levels. They will also sanitize your pool to kill any algae or harmful bacteria from taking hold and growing.

Terra Linda Pool Water Testing

Terra Linda pools need to be tested regularly. Testing ensures chemical levels are at optimal levels to ensure the safety of your pool water. Marin Pool Service technicians receive up to date training in all of the health codes related to pools. Let us keep up with the ever changing regulations and codes for you. The key to a safe pool is the balance of the chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Each chemical used has a specific set of legal guidelines which must be followed for usage and storage. Our technicians are trained in all of the legal and safety measures necessary for pool maintenance.

Terra Linda Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

As utility costs in Terra Linda continue to rise, more affordable methods of heating your pool should be considered. One of the best is a solar pool heater. This is a cost effective way to heat your pool and circulate the water. A solar pool heater also leaves a smaller environmental footprint than traditional natural gas or electric. We service and replace solar pool heaters in Terra Linda to help you reduce the cost of heating your pool.

Terra Linda Salt Water Pool Service

Salt water pools may be more expensive to install, but are much easier to maintain. The cost of maintenance is considerably lower than a traditional chlorine pool. Although they are called salt water pools, the generator actually converts salt molecules into chlorine. This eliminates the need to add chemical chlorine to a salt water pool. Marin Pool Service will monitor the chemical balance in your salt water pool for you and make sure the generator is doing its job.

Terra Linda Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

The pool filter is an important part of your system. It filters out debris and dirt by forcing water through grids, pleats, or sand. This keeps your Terra Linda pool sparkling clean. Let us keep your pool filter maintained and in good working order.

Terra Linda Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

The most important and expensive part of your pool's cleaning system is the pump. With regular maintenance by Marin Pool Service, you can extend the life of your pool's pump and make sure it is running at its peak. We can also perform an energy audit and recommend any newer models which may save you money and energy.

Terra Linda Hot Tub Service

Hot tubs offer many health benefits. They help to drain away the stresses of the day, soothe aching muscles, and help you get a better night's sleep. All of these benefits add up to better health and well being. Let Marin Pool Service keep your hot tub clean and safe with weekly cleanings and maintenance.