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Pool Service Ross - Pool & Hot Tub Service

Nothing compliments a warm summer day like a backyard swimming pool in Ross. Increased enjoyment however, also means increased responsibility and maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance is not an option but a necessity. Neglecting your swimming pool can make your pool unsafe and unappealing for swimming and in the long run be more costly.

List of Services We Offer In Ross

Weekly Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Testing Pool Water

Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

Salt Water Pool Service

Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Hot Tub Service

Here is a List of Reasons to Hire a Pool Service in Ross:

There is a large difference in the experience and training of a Marin Pool Service technician and an average pool owner. This trained staff at Marin Pool Service is also available to answer all questions about your pool. We know each pool is different, and each family has different needs, so we work with you to tailor a personal pool maintenance plan for your pool's particular needs.

It may seem easy to maintain your pool's water chemistry, but this process is quite complex. Unless it is closely monitored, the water quality will quickly deteriorate and damage your pool's equipment very rapidly. Salt cells, filters, heaters, and other components of your pool system are expensive to replace. This is why you can rely on the trained and professional experts at Marin Pool Service to keep your pool's chemistry balanced and clean. We use chemicals which actually extend your pool's life span.

Pool chemicals have a shelf life, and many pool owners are not taught this. This is important to know because the effectiveness of each chemical lessens in time making the balance of your pool's water difficult to maintain. This leaves your pool susceptible to algae and bacterial growth. Our expert technicians have the right chemicals and knowledge to keep your pool safe, clear, and clean for your family.

The appearance of your pool is also important. Our technicians sweep and brush your pool's tiles, as well as vacuum out any dirt and debris to keep your pool looking great. This also helps to extend the life of your filter and other equipment essential to the health of your pool.

Let us handle any maintenance issues that may arise. Our trained technicians will repair or replace any parts needed to keep your pool in good working order. They will also alert you to any parts which are experiencing wear and tear, or not working properly, before they become an expensive problem.

If you're tired of the trips to the pool supply store, let us handle your home pool maintenance. The experts at Marin Pool Service are trained to know which supplies you need to keep your pool healthy and sparkling. Many times retail sales clerks don't know enough about the chemicals and supplies needed for your pool and you end up getting the wrong supplies, and making another trip back to the store. Marin Pool Service in Ross can save you money and time by answering your questions based on our many years of experience.

Hiring a pool professional will save you money in the long run, and provide the peace of mind that your pool will be safe and clean for your family to enjoy. You won't have to worry about pool repairs or maintenance with the experts at Marin Pool Service.

We guarantee our work, and we make sure it is done right and that you are satisfied with our pool cleaning services.

Weekly Pool Service Ross

At Marin Pool Service in Ross, we will create a weekly pool service schedule tailored to your pool's personal needs. Every pool is different, and that is why we will evaluate and determine the types of services for your pool to save you money and time. We offer more than just pool cleaning services; we also offer maintenance and repairs to keep your pool in good working order, looking great, and safe for your family. Status updates on your pool are available via phone, snail mail, or email.

Ross Pool Cleaning

Life in Ross is busy, and you don't want to spend your weekends cleaning your pool. We offer pool cleaning services that keep your pool attractive and free of debris, algae, and bacteria. Your family and guests will appreciate a nice clean and sparkling pool. This is exactly what you will get with our regular cleaning services. A dirty pool is a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. It is not only ugly, but unhealthy. With our pool cleaning services in Ross, we will balance your pool's water chemistry and keep your pool clean and safe.

Ross Pool Water Testing

The balance of the chemicals in your pool's water is important. Chemicals are needed to kill the bacteria (such as chlorine), balance the pH and alkalinity. Our Certified Pool Inspectors will make sure your pool meets the county standards for Ross. Our trained technicians will keep your pool's chemical balance at a safe level so your family can enjoy your pool with peace of mind.

Ross Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

As a homeowner the cost of natural gas and electricity is a concern in your budget. The price of these fuels just keeps going up. A solar pool heater is a great way to avoid some of the costs associated with owning a pool. A solar pool heater keeps the water circulating and heats the water without the cost of natural gas or electricity. We can install, replace, and repair your solar pool heater with our trained technicians at Marin Pool Service.

Ross Salt Water Pool Service

Salt water pools have become a popular option for homeowners. While you don't have to add chlorine to a salt water pool, it does have a chlorine converter which converts salt molecules into chlorine used to keep your pool fresh and clean. This saves you on the money you'd spend on chemicals although a salt water pool is a more expensive initial investment. We can help you keep your salt water pool balanced and safe.

Ross Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Your swimming pool filter keeps dirt, twigs, rocks, and debris out of your pool. It is one of the most important components in your pool's system. The filter also helps cut down on the bacteria and algae in your pool by keeping the water clean. The expert technicians at Marin Pool Service are qualified to clean and replace all types of filters including D. E. filters, sand, and cartridge pool filters. We will also alert you to any issues so you can keep your filter in good working order and replace it as needed.

Ross Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

The pool pump is another expensive and important part of your pool's system. Our technicians at Marin Pool Service will keep it running smoothly with regular maintenance and cleaning. We can also offer an energy audit and suggest a more efficient pump to save you money.

Ross Hot Tub Service

Nothing is more relaxing than a nice hot tub soak after a long day. The aches, pains, and stress just melt away as the warm water soothes your tired muscles and body. A hot tub needs regular maintenance just like a pool, and our trained technicians can help keep your hot tub running smoothly. We will also make sure your hot tub's water is balanced and healthy, as well as making sure your filter and pumps are in good working order in Ross.