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Pool Service Larkspur - Pool & Hot Tub Service

Nothing compliments a warm summer day like a backyard swimming pool in Larkspur. Increased enjoyment however, also means increased responsibility and maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance is not an option but a necessity. Neglecting your swimming pool can make your pool unsafe and unappealing for swimming and in the long run be more costly.

List of Services We Offer In Larkspur

Weekly Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Testing Pool Water

Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

Salt Water Pool Service

Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Hot Tub Service

Here is a List of Reasons to Hire a Pool Service in Larkspur:

Marin Pool Service in Larkspur service technicians have training and experience the average home pool owner does not have. The trained staff at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur offers its very own “Personalized Pool Service” because each and every pool is unique. We know each pool requires personal service and specialized care. Our staff is trained at Marin Pool Services to answer your questions and address your pool’s problems.

The chemical makeup of a pool is quite complex and it can become unbalanced very quickly. Fixing this balance is not as easy as it seems, it can be quite frustrating and expensive. At Marin Pool Service in Larkspur, our technicians are trained to keep your pool water in balance and keep it that way. Let us do all the work, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your clean, safe, and fresh pool water.

Another thing pool owners may not realize is pool chemicals have a definite shelf life. These chemicals become less effective the longer they age past this shelf life. The weaker the chemicals are, the more you would have to use to get the results your pool needs. By letting Marin Pool Service in Larkspur worry about the chemicals you need for your pool, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with their shelf life. We will store the chemicals needed for your pool, and ensure the proper amount is used to maintain your pool’s balance.

Marin Pool Service in Larkspur technicians keep your pool clean and safe by vacuuming out the dirt, brushing the tile to keep it looking clean and new, and we also make sure your pool sweep is in good working order. This will keep your pool sparkling clean for your enjoyment between our visits.

Don’t worry about the hassle of replacing or repairing parts for your pool. Our technicians are trained to address and alert you to any issues before they become expensive problems. The technicians at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur will deliver and install any parts needed for your pool in Larkspur.

In order to take care of your own pool, you may have to make multiple trips to the pool store. The staff there is not as thoroughly trained as the staff at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur. They also have not actually seen your pool and know its own unique needs. We can do the maintenance and save you the headaches and hassles of dealing with a pool store.

You may think you are saving money by doing your own pool maintenance, but actually in the long run you are spending much more than letting the pros at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur handle it. We make sure your pool has what it needs, and our services save you money and time. At Marin Pool Service in Larkspur we guarantee our work, and make sure you are satisfied.

Marin Pool Service in Larkspur guarantees our work and your satisfaction.

Weekly Pool Service Larkspur

At Marin Pool Services we have your best interests in mind. How we communicate to you is your choice. It can be via email, phone, or by written letter. We create a Weekly Pool Service report personalized to your pool and its required maintenance. We do more than just clean pools; we specialize in preventative maintenance as well. At each visit to your home we will change out supplies, clean and inspect working parts, and keep your pool safe and working as it should.

Larkspur Pool Cleaning

Life in Larkspur can be busy and we know your life is fast paced. Pool cleaning is often the last thing on your mind, and often gets this chore gets pushed to the bottom of your To Do list. But if this happens, your pool will suffer and not stay fresh and clean. This gives algae and harmful bacteria a chance to thrive and grow. The water will become cloudy and your pool will not be safe to enjoy. Let Marin Pool Service in Larkspur take over the care of your pool. We will keep our pool’s water balanced, and keep your pool clean. Our technicians are trained and experienced in keeping your pool’s water sanitized by maintaining its alkalinity and pH balance.

Larkspur Pool Water Testing

The Certified Pool inspectors at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur are trained to efficiently test your pool water and correct its balance. The way to keep your pool safe and clean is to keep the pH and alkalinity, and chlorine at the proper levels. We will do all of this for you. Local health codes regarding pool water and the legal requirements of storing pool chemicals are also our specialty. Let us worry about the legal issues and you can enjoy your pool knowing it is safe.

Larkspur Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

As utility prices go up, the cost of heating your pool water in Larkspur will also continue to rise. This can be quite expensive. One solution is the installation of a solar pool heater. This type of pool heater lets the pool pump do all the work. Water is warmed through the solar heater instead of being pumped through the filter and into your pool. Solar pool heaters also reduce your carbon footprint, and they save you money. The experts at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur will repair and maintain your solar pool heaters as well as all of your pool systems.

Larkspur Salt Water Pool Service

In many areas salt water pools are becoming very popular. One of the reasons is their easy maintenance. Although many people think salt water pools don’t use chlorine, they actually do. Every salt water pool has a chlorine generator which takes salt and converts it into chlorine. You don’t need to add any chlorine to the pool, which keeps the maintenance easy. A salt water pool may be more expensive to install, but in the long run they are often cheaper since you don’t spend money on chlorine.

Larkspur Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Your pool’s filters are an important component of your cleaning system. Without properly working filters, your Larkspur pool will not be clean and safe for your family to enjoy. Water is sent through the pool filters under pressure to remove dirt and debris. There are several types of filters. The most common ones are pleated, sand, and grid filters. At Marin Pool Service in Larkspur we are experts at keeping any type of pool filter system clean and well maintained.

Larkspur Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Your pool pump is the most important and expensive part of your pool’s system. To keep it working properly it needs to be checked regularly and maintained. Let our technicians at Marin Pool Service in Larkspur take care of the maintenance and repairs of your pool pump. We can also do an energy audit and give you money saving recommendations.

Larkspur Hot Tub Service

A hot tub is a great way to relax and melt away the stress of the day. Not only that but warm water therapy is also used to reduce muscle aches and pains, and help you get a good night’s rest. Hot tub health benefits should not be overlooked. Hot tubs also need maintenance, and this is where Marin Pool Service in Larkspur can help you with a weekly service. This will keep your hot tub clean and safe for you to enjoy.