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Pool Service Kentfield - Pool & Hot Tub Service

Nothing compliments a warm summer day like a backyard swimming pool in Kentfield. Increased enjoyment however, also means increased responsibility and maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance is not an option but a necessity. Neglecting your swimming pool can make your pool unsafe and unappealing for swimming and in the long run be more costly.

List of Services We Offer In Kentfield

Weekly Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Testing Pool Water

Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

Salt Water Pool Service

Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Hot Tub Service

Here is a List of Reasons to Hire a Pool Service in Kentfield:

There is a large difference in the training of an average pool owner and a Marin Pool Service technician. We offer "Personalized Pool Service" for each pool because each one has different needs. Our highly trained staff can answer your questions and cater to your particular pool's needs.

A pool has a complex chemical makeup that can easily become unbalanced. Dealing with chemicals and replacement parts can be very frustrating for the typical pool owner. It can also be very expensive. The technicians at Marin Pool Service have the training to deal with these things and take the hassle and stress off of you.

Pool chemicals have a limited shelf life. Once they meet their expiration date they can become ineffective. You may have to use more of the chemicals to get the desired results adding to the cost of maintaining your pool. The technicians at Marian Pool Service in Kentfield will take care of the pool chemicals, making sure they are stored safely and using only the proper amounts.

The Marin Pool Service technicians know you want your pool to be clean and ready for you to enjoy. They will assist with this by vacuuming out the dirt and debris, giving the tiles a good scrub, and make sure your sweep is working correctly to keep your pool clean between visits.

Don't worry about dealing with the hassle of replacing and repairing parts. Let our trained staff spot any issues before they become serious problems. The technicians at Marin Pool Service will deliver and install any parts needed for your Kentfield pool.

When you try to take care of your own pool, you may end up making multiple trips to the pool supply store. The staff there will not have seen your pool and they may not have the full training to adequately answer your questions. Let our experienced and qualified technicians take care of your Kentfield pool maintenance and save your time and money instead of dealing with your local pool supply store.

You may think you will save money by handling your own pool maintenance, but in the long run you end up spending more than you realize. Hiring the professionals at Marin Pool Services in Kentfield saves you the headache and aggravation of pool maintenance, and can save you money in the long run.

Marin Pool Service in Kentfield guarantees our work and make sure you are completely satisfied.

Weekly Pool Service Kentfield

At Marin Pool Service we do more than just pool cleaning. Our technicians will keep in contact with you through email, phone, or snail mail. We will create a Weekly Pool Service report personalized for your pool to keep it clean and safe. We also provide preventative maintenance as well by changing out supplies, inspecting and cleaning working parts, and keeping everything running smoothly.

Kentfield Pool Cleaning

We know you're busy. Kentfield life is fast paced and often the care and maintenance of your pool is the last thing on your mind. But if you don't make it a priority the chemical balance of your pool's water will suffer. Once your pool's water is out of balance algae and harmful bacteria can take hold and start to grow. Let Marin Pool Service take the stress away. We will maintain your pool water's chemical balance, and keep your pool clean and safe. Our technicians have the training needed to manage your pool's pH and alkalinity, as well as keeping your pool sanitized.

Kentfield Pool Water Testing

At Marin Pool Service in Kentfield we are Certified Pool Inspectors, trained to test your pool's water, and are versed in all of the health codes pertaining to swimming pools. Balancing your pool's pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels will keep your pool sparkling, clean, and safe for you to enjoy. Let us worry about the health code aspects so you can relax and enjoy your pool without worry.

Kentfield Solar Pool Heater Service, Repair & Replacement

As utility prices go up, the cost of heating your Kentfield pool continues to go up too. A solar pool heater is one way to not only save money, but to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. The solar pool heater connects to the pump and circulates heated water from the solar heater to the pool and back again. Marin Pool Service will maintain and repair your solar pool heaters as well as your complete pool system.

Kentfield Salt Water Pool Service

Salt water pools are easier to maintain, and while are more expensive to install, in the long run will cost less to maintain. While it may seem that salt water pools contain no chlorine, each salt water pool has a generator which converts salt to chlorine. This means you don't have to add chlorine, but you still have to maintain the pool's system. Marin Pool Service can keep your salt water pool clean and safe for you to enjoy.

Kentfield Pool Filter Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Pool filters keep your pool clean and sparkling. It is one of the most important parts of your pool's system and keeps Kentfield pools looking great. Pressurized water is sent through the filter to remove dirt and debris. The most common types of filters are pleats, sand, and grid. The technicians at Marin Pool Service have the training and experience to clean and maintain any type of filter system.

Kentfield Pool Pump Service, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

The most important and potentially expensive part to replace is the pump. The pump keeps the water moving and needs to have regular maintenance. Marin Pool Service will check your pump and make sure the maintenance is kept up on this essential part of your pool's system. We also offer energy audits to target money saving recommendations.

Kentfield Hot Tub Service

A hot tub can help you relax and melt away the stress of a busy day. Warm water therapy has been used for reducing muscle aches and pains, and to help you get a good night's rest. The health benefits of a hot tub are truly remarkable. Hot tubs need to be maintained just like a pool, and the technicians at Marin Pool Service offer weekly service to keep your hot tub spa clean and safe for your enjoyment.