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Marin Pool Service As Your Pool Cleaning Company In Lucas Valley-Marinwood

Life is busy in Lucas Valley-Marinwood! It can be harder and harder to get through our Honey due list, like cleaning the Pool. That doesn't mean you don't want your pool sparkling clean, and ready to be used when you want. If you hire Marin Pool Service to clean your pool you can relax knowing you have one less time consuming chore to be done every week. In fact, hiring Marin Pool Service will give you that extra time to enjoy your investment with your family and friends!

Why is it important to have a clean pool?

A dirty and unkempt pool is not only unappealing but dangerous. A dirty pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted visitors. Why ruin your swimming pool experience in Lucas Valley-Marinwood when Marin Pool Service can clean and balance your water chemistry? We can properly adjust the Sanitizer, PH and Alkalinity of your water and also destroy harmful bacteria and unsightly algae. A water test for the sake of your well being is always included in weekly service.

Weekly Maintenance

In Lucas Valley-Marinwood with the landscape and terrain it can put a lot of debris in the pool. Marin Pool Service will empty your pump strainer and skimmer baskets. If not emptied weekly it can reduce water flow and clog equipment which leads to expensive repairs. Other weekly pool cleaning maintenance that is done includes brushing walls, tiles, vacuuming, skimming off surface debris and cleaning your filter during the swim season. Many pool owners put off cleaning their filters however, a clogged filter is expensive to replace and reduces the comfort and clarity of your swimming pool.

Equipment Maintenance

Marin Pool Service will also check and verify your equipment operation in Lucas Valley-Marinwood. We as a pool cleaning company will make sure your equipment is in fine working order. Small repairs when done promptly can often avoid the costlier larger repairs from not knowing about or ignoring an equipment problem. Also key to avoiding costly repairs is keeping an eye on proper water levels. Marin Pool Service will notify you when it's time to add water to your pool. We also have ideas and offer programs to help you conserve and minimize water loss.

In closing if you don't have a lot of extra time each week or would prefer to have extra time to spend with your family and friends, your solution is to hire Marin Pool Service. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle your swimming pool and hot tub needs in Lucas Valley-Marinwood. You work hard through the week, why work hard on the weekends? Let Marin Pool Service give you that extra time to relax poolside! We'll take the stress and worry out of maintaining your swimming pool by adjusting your chemicals, cleaning your pool and verifying your equipment operation. Let Marin Pool Service start cleaning your pool or hot tub today!