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Using Ozone to Clean Your Pool or Hot Tub

Many of our clients have been inquiring about Ozone cleaning systems; so we wanted to provide some basic information in that regard. With increased summer usage; the contamination of pool water increases also. One way to handle the increased contaminants is to increase chemical use. Another option to increasing chlorine and chemical additives this season, is an Ozone cleaning system. The Ozone Cleaning System is fast becoming the pool system of choice. It is environmentally friendly and better for the health of pool users.

The benefits of Using Ozone to clean your pool are:

- Chlorine use decreases

- Ozone helps to prevent itchy skin, swimsuit fading and irritated eyes due to less chemicals

- Reduces chlorine smell

- Filter and coagulant capacities improve (layperson explanation; contaminants in the water become stickier so they adhere to filter mediums better)

- Water is clearer and cleaner

How does it work?

When integrated with a pool or spa’s plumbing system, the equipment expels ozone gas into the pool itself, purifying the water. When the pump is on the ozone generator creates ozone and it is fed into the return side of the system. This causes positively charged oxygen particles to attach themselves to the negatively charged molecules in the water. This process emits small amounts of silver and copper ions which kill bacteria resulting in cleaner and healthier water.

Remember now that the contaminants are “sticky” they will adhere better to your filter medium. If the filter is not cleaned on a regular basis it can weaken the recirculation process and reduce the benefit of the ozone system, in short you have to keep your filter clean. Neglecting filter cleaning will make your pool look dirtier than it really is. The impulse when you see a dirty pool is to run and get chemicals i.e.: chlorine this is not always the case with Ozone. You should first check your filter it may require attention.

Please note that ozone does not completely eliminate the need for chlorine. You will still need to add chlorine to the pool because it acts as an antiseptic but, in much smaller quantities, than when used solely in a chlorine based system. Some may choose to convert their pool to a salt-water system. Salt water and ozone systems work well together to reduce chemical usage.

Something else to consider is that the ozone system is ph-neutral, this can greatly reduce the need for acid; as we know corrosive water can cause damage to plumbing, equipment and fixtures.

If you want to discuss further please give us a call.