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Algae Clean - $149.99 - Novato, San Rafael, Marin

Green to Clean - Algae Clean Pool Services: $149.99

Why can't you get your pool to stop looking like a swamp? Phosphates! We at Marin pool Services specialize in testing and removing phosphates so your water can go from green to clean. We come out and test the water, add a Phosphate remover. A second trip is required to vacuum the Phosphates and flush the filter.

Algae Pool Cleaning in San Rafael

On a recent service call in San Rafael we found a pool that had a bad algae problem - their pool needed our Green to Clean treatment badly. The reason a pool gets this green is from severe algae overgrowth. Our Green to Clean service takes care of this in about a weeks time depending on how bad the algae growth is.

Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean

Step 1: Added a non-chlorine shock to the water. Non-chlorine shock is an oxidizer and helps break up nitrogen and ammonia compounds which is going to make the chlorine or sanitizer much more effective. This was followed by an algaecide and sanitizer to prevent and kill the existing algae in the water. I also turned the filter on and let it run 48 hours. It's important in trying to clear a pool to get as much filtration and water turnover as possible.

Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean

Step 2: You'll notice on this stage of the photos that the water looks milky and whitish. When algae dies it goes from green to white. This is a good sign as it shows the process and chemicals are working! I cleaned the filter again and added a clarifier. A clarifier works by making particles in the water a little bit bigger so it's easier for them to get collected and retained in the filter.

Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean Pool with Algae Before Algae Clean

Step 3: You'll notice on this final stage that the water is clear and all the dead algae has been filtered out. All that was left to do is to clean the filter again and wire brush the sides of the pool removing any algae staining.

In less then a week this pool went from green to clean!

Give us a week and we will get your pool from Green to Clean. Our weekly pool service keeps your pool clean lets you enjoy your pool instead of spending all your free time maintaining your pool