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Pool Cleaning Specials: Equipment and Service Specials


Personalized Pool Service

Marin County Service Technicians will:

Chlorine, Acid and D.E. is included in our monthly service price.

Offer only valid for new customers. Additional water features, unusual and commercial sizes not included in price.



New Pool Cleaner

For a new Pentair LL505G Letro Legend pool cleaner is the pressure side pool cleaner that professionals prefer. It comes with improved design features not found on competitive models and at a much better price.

The double jet vortex venturi system gives a more powerful vacuum action that will pick up the toughest debris. 1 year MFG Limited warranty . The system is powered by a 3/4 hp energy efficient booster pump Not Included and is backed by a three year motor warranty. The vortex venturi jets are housed in a larger intake throat that will not clog like other cleaners and allows for easier pick up of very large leaves. Above the throat sits a patented duck bill valve that will not allow debris to escape when the power is turned off.

The Legend was built to replace all pressure side cleaners used in gunite, Pebble Tech, Vinyl and fiberglass pools.


Comes with all hoses and connections for most pool applications.



Phosphate Removal

Why can't you get your pool to stop looking like a swamp? Phosphates!

What are Phosphates? When Phosphates are Present, Algae Grows...

Phosphate is the main ingredient in fertilizer. Algae is a plant and the Phosphates in our pools make them grow. If you have had persistent trouble with algae, every year - and it always seems to come back, you may have a phosphate problem in your pool. When excess phosphate is present in a swimming pool, the symptoms often include the following:

We at Marin pool Services specialize in testing and removing phosphates so your water can go from green to clean. We come out and test the water, add a Phosphate remover. A second trip is required to vacuum the Phosphates and flush the filter.